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Declaration of Impartiality

KOLAS provides accreditation services for accredited conformity assessment bodies in accordance with the Framework Act on National Standards. KOLAS complies with KS Q ISO/IEC 17011:2017(Conformity assessment-Requirements for accreditation bodies accrediting conformity assessment bodies) and the rules set by ILAC, IAF and APAC. Quality policies of KOLAS include the importance and the needs to fulfill the requirements of the relevant international standards and respective criteria.

KOLAS implements its policies, processes and procedures related to accreditation activities in a non-discriminatory way and makes accreditation services accessible to all applicant conformity assessment bodies who seek accreditation regardless of their nationality, membership of any association or group, or the size of the applicants. However, KOLAS refuses services to a conformity assessment body because of proven evidence of fraudulent behavior, falsification of information or deliberate violation of accreditation requirements.

KOLAS is responsible for the impartiality of its accreditation activities and does not allow commercial, financial or other pressures to compromise impartiality. KOLAS does not offer or provide any service that affects its impartiality, offer any consultancy or undertake conformity assessment activities covered by accreditation. KOLAS ensures that its accreditation activities are carried out in an objective and impartial way by performing internal audits, management reviews and taking other various measures. KOLAS strives to identify, mitigate or eliminate the risks to impartiality arising from monitoring all processes of accreditation activities.

KOLAS has established procedures to safeguard impartiality and ensures it by commitment to impartiality for all personnel including KOLAS staff, assessors and committee members involved in accreditation activities. Additionally, KOLAS has procedures to perform accreditation activities in an impartial manner and receive views, complaints and appeals from interested parties so that the requirements of impartiality shall be applied to those activities impartially.

Head of Korea Laboratories Accreditation System