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Procedures to Handle ComplaintsAccreditation Scheme

Procedures to Handle Complaints/Appeals (newly established)
Anyone who has complaints or appeals to KOLAS or KOLAS accredited CABs regarding the operations of accreditation schemes, registration of assessors or other matters, may submit them to the Head of KOLAS. Complaints regarding KOLAS or KOLAS accredited CABs cab be reported via KOLAS’s official email (kolast@korea.kr, koreac@korea.kr), by phone to the KOLAS Secretariat for each corresponding field, or by official letter. The KOLAS Secretariat reviews officially raised complaints and responds to the complainants (people or organizations). Regarding appeals on the accreditation of CABs, in the case that appeals are submitted through due process such as opinion collection or hearings in accordance with the Administrative Procedural Act, the KOLAS Secretariat will have a committee deliberate the matter and notify the CAB of the results.